According to the PLO (and the Western media), the Palestinian Arabs have lived in “Palestine” from time immemorial. They were forced to flee by the “Jewish Zionists” when the modern State of Israel was created. However, the facts tell a different story.

Although the Jews were scattered among the nations by the Romans in 70 A. D., there has always been a Jewish presence in the land. The dream of the Jews in exile since their dispersion has been, “Next year in Jerusalem.”

It was the Romans who renamed the land of Israel after the Jews’ ancient enemy, the Philistines. They called it — Palestine.

Islamic rulers did dominate the Middle East for centuries. However, these rulers for the most part, were non-Arabs. During Arab domination of Palestine, the land was a neglected wasteland. It was sparsely populated by Jews and Arab peasants.

Jerusalem was never considered a sacred city to Islam and is not even mentioned in the Koran. There has never been a sovereign, independent Palestinian or Arab state in the holy land from the time the Jews were dispersed until they declared their statehood in 1948. God has kept the land in trust all these centuries for the Jews.

The revival of modern Jewish life began in the late 1800’s with the arrival of refugees from Russia and Eastern Europe. Later waves of immigration brought more Jews to their ancient land.

When the Jews arrived, they were greeted by a harsh land that had been neglected for centuries by its non-Arab Islamic rulers. Yet, these zealous Jewish immigrants were determined to redeem the soil.

As the Jews worked the land, it slowly began to prosper. The result was that thousands of Arab and non-Arab peasants from the neighboring countries came to Palestine as migrant farm workers. These migrant farm workers are the “Palestinians.” They have not been in the land from “time immemorial.” They are late arrivals who came to the land after it began to prosper as a result of Jewish blood and toil.

When Israel became a nation, 800,000 Jewish refugees fled from the Arab states to Israel. They were all assimilated in the new state and became citizens of Israel.

The growing Arab Palestinian population was not as fortunate. Arab leaders from the neighboring countries declared war against Israel. They then instructed the Arab Palestinians to flee the Jewish state until the Jews were annihilated. They could then return and possess the land. The Jews encouraged the Arabs to stay.

The hated “Jewish Zionists” did not force the Arab Palestinians to leave. Their own leaders forced them to leave the land. This created the Palestinian refugee problem. The Arab countries have refused to assimilate the Palestinians and care for their needs. Instead, they continue to use them as political pawns in their struggle against Israel.

Promising them glory, money, and paradise with seventy-two beautiful virgins, the PLO and other terrorist organizations have no problem recruiting young Palestinians to fight the “Zionists” enemy. These terrorist organizations are well financed by the “moderate” Saudi Arabian rulers, as well and Syria, Iran, and Iraq. They have all the money they need for weapons, and are very skillful at manipulating the Western media to brainwash the American public to believe their propaganda.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) was given the responsibility of administering the refugee problem. The money given by  UNRWA to assist the “refugees” comes primarily from the American taxpayer. This is a big business with thousand profiting from it. No one connected with it has any interest in ending the plight of the displaced Palestinians. The real legitimate right of the Palestinians is to be assimilated by the Arab countries from which they initially came. It’s a tragic situation for those in the refugee camps.

In our next article we will consider what the Bible says about those who divide the Land of Israel. It is the question of Judgment and Blessings and it will radically impact the whole world.

Dr. Richard Booker is the Founder of Sounds of the Trumpet and the Institute for Hebraic Christian Studies and a regular contributor to The Jerusalem Connection. These articles are extracted from his book, “The End of all Things is at Hand.”For information about his ministry and teaching resources, see his web page at